Music Island Hochschwarzwald

St. Blasien, Germany

Tatyana GeringasPiano • 9 – 15 April
David GeringasCello • 9 – 15 April
Yair & Eyal KlessViolin • 14 – 22 April
Michail JurowskiConducting • 15 – 21 April
Wolfgang BoettcherCello • 17 – 22 April
Krzysztof MeyerComposition • 9 – 15 April
Latica Honda-RosenbergViolin • 11 – 18 April
Natalia GutmanCello • 17 – 22 April
Dimitri HoffmannViola • 17 – 22 April
Alexander VitlinKorrepetition • 16 – 22 April
Ramon JafféCello • 17 – 21 April
Kirill TroussovViolin • 10 – 17 April
Taurida International Symphony OrchestraSpecial guest of the festival • 16 – 22 April

The philosophy of the Festival

"According to ancient philosophers, music and architecture came from the same source as astronomy. It had to do with the magic of numbers, the relationships between them, and proportions and harmonies. They were measurable in arithmetic and could be represented as geometry. The "harmonia mundi" of the cosmos was taken for granted, and was audible as the music of the spheres – we need think only of Schiller’s line in the finale of Beethoven’s 9th symphony: "Brothers, above the panoply of the stars, a loving Father must dwell."
Music has always made it its business to be well-proportioned, whether on the basis of the golden section or Le Corbusier’s Modulor. Proportions likewise feature in Bach’s compositions, from the overall architecture down to the compositional detail, similar to the Pythagorean theory of proportions which defines the dimensions and proportions of the temple at Bassae down to the smallest detail. Raphael’s fresco of The School of Athens in the Stanze at the Vatican introduces the coded puzzles of the Neo-Pythagorean scholars of the Renaissance. The music of contemporary composer György Ligeti is simultaneously the work of a mathematician. These and similar ideas were behind the festival "Music Island in Hochschwarzwald", exploring the architecture of music. Tradition and modernism are two sides of the same coin – the art of composing and interpretation!"

Fjodor Elesin